about prigradica

Prigradica is a bay 4 km away from Blato, and 12 km away from Vela Luka. It is situated at the north shore of the Korčula island overlooking the island of Hvar. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island, therefore it has many old stone houses originally used as storage space in the agricultural goods transfer between the island and the coast.

It was once an export harbor for Blato, exporting the famous Blato wine and olive oil. Prigradica is today a primarily tourist place for a pleasurable and peaceful holiday, which has kept its authentic, rustic quality.

The bay is dominated with a huge waterfront including a pier built at the time of Austria- Hungary. Due to its good geographical position each afternoon there is a light sea-breeze easing down even the toughest heat waves and thus Prigradica is one of the rare places on the island without mosquitoes.

The villages also offers numerous sports and leisure time activities such as rocky and sandy beaches, bars, cafes, football fields, basketball courts and sand volleyball terrains. Since Korčula is a woody and hilly island, Prigradica is an excellent training place for trekking and bicycle tours.

The village also has a small store and a fresh fruit and vegetable stand, while for some more extensive shopping you need to head for Blato or Vela Luka.

info and booking: + 385 98 383 191